August 18th, 2003

hey guys well this is very odd i wrote 2 within a year

so ya here i am again ... well lets see what to tell you all.... okay i want to start by sayin i found my self in the past realy unhappy with my self and the way i conducted my life back then , by reading all of my entries here i found that i am a real happy person now then i was at the beggining .... so ya ...:-P I also forgot to inform everyone that i have a new job and that my boss has to be the biggest ass ever but oh well he isnt anyone important ill do what i want ..... im actualy going to work two jobs too... wow joey working whats that ..... ya i know its not me most of you are probally thinking but guess what it is ..... i money hungry i guess .....and as for guys well i met a realy nice kid/guy at the board walk will i persue it well i dont know yet but it might be a possibility.... okay for those of you saying well what happen to not looking for it .... Im not ... its just a friendship now ..... im going to be looking for a job up in cherryhill because well job opertunitys are there and well we all know how cumberland county is with jobs ....well i dont know what else to tell you all but good night ........
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