Joe*E (elmotheemo) wrote,

Im bord ....and taking quizes i will update u all on cali soon


You are Yourself!

Gay, straight. These words mean very little to you. You are yourself and that's all you need to know. You fall in love with the same gender, but you believe that isn't all there is to you. Your lack of "traditional" gay pride is interpreted by many queers as internal homophobia, but in truth you just want to be your true self. Not just gay.

Take the what kind of fag are you quiz by PsychosisX!

What Was Your PastLife?

Take the What Explosive am I? quiz by Little man icon! Hee hee!PhoenixSpirit001

"Back off, lady. I'm NOT afraid to use this."

You are 20% Pure!
(Very interesting.)

Here's how the REST of the world breaks down, compared to you:

people less pure than you (2%)
people like you (0%)
people more pure than you (98%)

Based on the 11,473,850 submissions before you.
People *you* know... How Pure?
You don't have any friends yet, or none of your friends have taken this test. To get started, try entering some of your friends' email addresses in the boxes to the right.

Still Missing Someone?
Enter the emails of *other* people whose scores you'd like to see. If they haven't taken the test yet, we'll tell them about it. And we'll let you know when they take it.

Vital statistics:
93% held hands
92% kissed
86% french kissed
74% cheated on an exam
57% had sex
53% smoked marijuana
42% cheated in a relationship
23% intentionally burned oneself
20% slept with a married man or woman
18% slept with someone without knowing his/her name

Take more tests!

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