Joe*E (elmotheemo) wrote,

Tell My Friends that Im dead>>>......

Welll .....Hello all my friends ...Well lets see.......Lets Start with wednesday....Okay Flash back time !!!!!

(WEDNESDAY)- Well Wednesday I basicaly sat around home during the day and cleaned till about i guess it was like 5 then i went and worked with a friend because he was the only one on duty at the time and he needed help...then around like maybe 9 Frank came in to pick me up so we could go to woodies.... But before that we went to Gap so he could get a shirt to wear and he got a pritty nice shirt was like a rust color .... it was sweat I think i mioght get one and redo the whole out fit he was wearing i liked it alot ....well After the GAP(gay and proud) we ended up coming back to the apartment so i could take ashower and figure out what i was going to wear to woodie because u all now damb right well that i wasnt going to be seen not looking good well while we where at the apartment evelynn stopped by ...good thing frank was having a bad hair day.... so she did franks hair and we all bullshitt awhile ....then we where out was funny because me and frank only went to woodies with just each other along time ago i felt weird ....n e way he was meeting a guy there and so was i....I was meeting my friend matt there but when we got there i dint realize how fucking hard it would be to find him .....he said he would be wearing a gray sleeveless shirt huuuuu.... that narrowed it down to about everyone ..... and then he said his hair was blue blond the time of hime telling me this i was like ok this will be a piece of cake to find him ....Boy was i wrong i dint put into consideration that it was dark in the clubbb ...god im such a fool... well I spent the most of the night playing hide and seek after matt ....meaning i dint find him once.... so i dint meet my person nor did frank .... but i still enjoyed my self...i seen some of my oild friends from buena .....and I seen Nick hes pritty cute i dont know why but he is ..oh and the guy he was with OMG he was hot he was about 5 foot so cute and a like cute outline bired glasses oMG
so After the last song me anf frank decided that we might have some luck looking for the guys outside while everyone comes out ya okay so wrong .....we stood out side for about 10 min and dint see any one .... of course we seen a kewl dragg queen who looked really good she was so close to real and she was going to bitch slap some gurl because she said OMG when she saw the drag queen lol we went home .....i got home and went straight for bed with the stop at the fridge to grab some bed...ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz........Okay its Thursday ....and like usualy i dint wake up till like 1 so i get up .... im hanging out josh isnt home hes at a funeral and i deside to clean the house again lol really dint need it but i was so bord i clead josh got home about 7 and he went straight to his room soo i desided to make some dinner for us i made a white pasta with spinache and garlic and onions was sooooo he ate .... oh ya i forgot to tll you paul was here hes wierd thats enought to say about pual...then fonzi came over and they start to bullshitt it was funny thou....then fonzi left and paul started getting a additude because he thought we were becoming bitchy ..... and i was like oh well then he left alittle later that night i went to sleep about 3 in the morning...........ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzits friday (TODAY) well i wake up at about 12:23 because i dint see the one thinking its actualy 2:23 ohhhh well so i got up early washed the pots i used for dinner the night before and made my bed took a shower shaved.... and well now here i am ...... Fonzis here now .....well I have been thinking about some questions that people ask me and its kinda scary because i dont really know here are the questions : ( if u fell up to it fill it out and tell me )

1.) where do you see your self in 5 yrs ??

2.) Do you see yourself married ??

3.) (for those of u that maybe gay ) Married with your gay partner ??

4.) Children??

5.) Do you like the Gay life style ???

***here are my answers***
1.) I hope I have a good Job and im in my own place not that i dont like living with josh but i feel like a burden.
2.) Marriage I truely dont know
3.) I

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