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I cant sleep.......I think its because well I slept till like 5 this afternoon .....Its ALL FRANKS AND CHRIS fault ....onley playing love you guys .....Well last night was fun I went to Rocky to support EVERYONE, but it dint work ...I guess ....Oh well cant make everyone happy but those I did ...I love you !!!! I ended up meeting some new kewl friends (Candice,Melissa,Jake,and more...) Candice and Melissa gave me a nick name . I am now known to them as "TURTLE BUTT" did very mmuch enjoy the show ..... I got to be in it even thou I was exspecting to be .....I was EDDIE....YAY!!! HARDCORE-(carissa every five minutes that will come out of her mouth )
After the show I was exspecting to go home but it did not work that way I ended up going to franks boat and chillin there with frank chriss and harry (DEPTFORD HARRY) .... It was kewl we all sat there drank and bullshited bout things and soaked the rooms bed its all franks fault i was not there......
well last saturday i went to the cumberland mall to see josh and they had this cheerleading thing going on.... it was so awsome i really really want to get back into it you dont know that was like my best thing to do .... So any way i asked the lady if she had a senior co ed group and if they were having tryouts soon and she told me to call her if she dint call by monday well guess what tomorrow is ..... yep boys and gurls it monday... so im going to give her a call hopefully they could use me .....
Ohh i also put a aplication in hot topics Im suposed to call there on tuesday ... about 3 ish i will i realy want to work there too..... its funnn i love retail.....I love to help josh at pac sun and when michelle worked at hot topic i loved helping her around.... It would be so kewl if i got that job because i would be able to get there with no problems because josh is all read at the mall ......and i would be able to work with all my friends .....
I dont know why but all of a sudden i just started thinking about joe .... I dont know I hate it that we realy dint have a relationship and that we cant be friends now he was realy kewl to hang around.....I just dont know ......It might be because im single who the hell knows ......I hate being ....
Im starting to think south jersey is like homo-free there are realy arnt that many gay guys here as i thought .....Oh welll looks like its time to start converting lol.....thats horrible...oh well i can deal with out for now ...I guess but a couple days ago I was talking to steve ...
Steve was my serious first true love and I still love him ....we basically broke up because he isnt out .... Steve really cared about me and I do him .... well any way i was talking to him yes we still talk .... and he said something that got me thinking he said that he still loves me and that he doesnt want to see me hurt....when i asked him what he ment about love if it was a love like i love u bf/bf or i love u man as in f/f he just sat quite and said i dont know i just been thinking about you more than usual ....and that he doesnt want to see me hurt .....He also told me that he feels like the moment for him to come out is coming very soon and he wants me to be around when he does .... I will definetly do that ... I will be by his side because he was always by my side with all the bull shit ive been threw...well i guess im going to try to hit the hay ...but i dont think it will work if not oh well ill be online all night

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Whats Your Sexual Personality?
this quiz was made by Val

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