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Subject ..........I have No F@ck klue

Well I cant realy sleep right now I have been tossing an turning for like 30 min .....Oh well ....So now I have decided to write in my journal.....its very odd ...I've came to a conclushin today ,while Josh,Paul,and went on our trip,that all te cute gay guys live in central jersey ....I couldnt believe how many I met today ....It was a fun trip. I enjyed hanging out with Paul today while josh had his meeting for work ....Of course it took for ever to get there...about 2 hours .... when actually it was a 45 min trip....Anyway about the cute gay guys....They were like every-where .... I felt like I was window shopping ....Ohhh I like that one too bad I dont have the money for it ......oh well
Last night I finally got hold of Ally its been like forever since I talked to her.... I rewally missed her . We've done alot together ....We just were crazy ....We went together to gt pierced ...We came up with stupid crazy shit to do at 3 in the morning ....... We use to go to Deptford at about 3 and make fucking Palet houses .... That was fun ... We would just drive all over the place .... I remember one time we went all the way up to Northfield Nj just to play DDr .....It was hallarious.....We would g on hunts all threw NJ just to find a DDR machne that was open ....Anyway like I said I got hold of her and shes doing good shes still going out with Greg witch Im happy about cause they ar so cute together....We talked aboutold times and she wants to get thogether again and hangout I think that would be good for me ......
Tomorrows Dustins Birthday >>>>>>< font . color=#6600cc>< font . ptsize=50>< font . face="Comic Sans MS">Happy Birthday Dustin!!!!!!!!!!.......Ya thats aboutall I have to sayabout that .......
I talked to my dad the other day because Im having major money problems here and that made him go off on a rampage tellingme to move there to California with him.....I dont know in a way that might be a good thing to do but in another .....I just cant I have to much here I have Family and Friends that I built here in Nj its just scary to think about leaving them....
Thursday I have a interview fo Hot Topics ....I seriously want to work ther notjust because its Hot Topics but because I want to do something new with my life I realy like retail as strange as it may seem ...and I think I would get along with Everone there .....Ive basically know what to do all ready ....I know ow to keep things in order deal with customers and work with shipment I helpa friend of mine all the time ..... so im praying on this one dearly ....
well imoff for alittle

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