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Well Happy or Not???

Well im at work right now its kewl ...Its tuesday so its slow ....Well I just got a reply to one of my journal entries and it wsnt anthing about my journal ....In stead it was about fonnzies journal because I told him that i thought he cared too much witch i guess was the wrong thing to do ....because i have been getting evil and i mean evil responce to my journal about them ..... I dont mean that he cares to much in the wrong way .... but I feel like im burdering his life and that he has better things to worry about than me .......
Anyway on a happier not .....My best friend Chriss and I mean MY BEST FRIEND .....finally found me I've been trying to find him since I moved but was never able to get hold of him why i dont have a clue....well any way yesterday Dustin and Chris were over studing for there cologe stuff and all of a sudden pops up my Chris on my door step I was totally suprised he actually hunted me down .... he went to my old house and asked like a million questions trying to find me and then my cuzin gave hime the derections to my house i was so happy to see him ......ITS LIKE I MUST GET BACK TOGETHER WITH MY OLD FRIENDS ....and keep a friendship with them .....because i also got hold of ally tooo...and Krystal and all them .......
On Sunday Evelyn , Frank , Chris B. , and I all went to Philly so we could take some artistic pictures and they came out good ... Eve,Chris, and I all were dressed up gothic.(I have to say i look realy hotr in those pixs) Anyway while in philly we met up with Christopher D. . Hes my buddy I went to skewl with him and hes kewl ...anyway we all chilled and took pictures ....and had a good time ....
On Saturday me and Evelynn hung out like old times we went out to dennys and all the waitresses and waiters were like all suprised to see me .... I havent been there in ages .....Anyway it was me, Eve, Nicole , and the new Chris ( Chris B.) we had funn .... after Dennys we went to franks house because it was gay movie night ..... but we dint get to see any movies cause no one was there till after 12 and eve and the others cerfuw is 12 .... so we played on the trampolien that was interesting i wont get into all that info ..... you dont want to know it was hallarious .....:-)
Lets see Friday .....what did i do ....Ohhhhhh Friday was dustins birthday that wenty really good ..... we had everyone there .... Dustin was very suprised ...He deserves it ... Dustin is a good friend and im glad he has all of us there ... It was fun we had alot to drink ... music and a bunch of junkfood .....yum ....we just all had funn it wasnt like all noisy and it wasnt all dead it was perfect and dustin deserves perfect so.... chris F. u go boy !!!! ......
Anyway I hav another project I have a friend and he is like all sad and thinks no one likes him and its not true ...He likes me and I kinda like him ...but he has kinda of a pass.... He wants help so other wont think of his pass and just take him as he is now but.... I just dont know ....Im going to try ...and i dont care if i get burned .
I dont know .....Ive been in a good mood but i feel like..Im stressed i dont know why but oh well ....

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