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Well... Well... Well!

Hello everyone I know I havent wroten anything lately so sorry .... Well lets see where to start... Okay here well first off... I've heard some shit the otherday that got me seriously pissed off ....People are trying to start shit with me and my family and my cuzin came up to me and tryied to comfront me thinking I realy did say shit....Pffft !! And then my sister like alterd what we were talking about at her party and tried to say I was talking shit ohhh well...
My project is going realy good we are staying friends and thats it ... He actually wearing some colors now ....Im glad he seems happier now too... Hes like going and not going out with Evey.....
Chris F. Birthday was yesterday ......HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! chris..........
Oh I got my job I wanted I start on friday there its awsome I've always wanted to work here and now I am ...Wow ....Oh for those of you woundering were im working now its hot topics i start friday .....Yay!!!!
Oh thanx to Frank ...Who I love dearly now .....I met a guy...Hes awsome and smart and funny and cute and sweet all roled into one wow.... what are the odds of me finding him .... not good... but i did... we are not a item we are friends for now i really dont want to rush into things because i want to have a real relationship and im scared if i do jump into it it will end up stabbing me in the back like my last relationship....
me being kinda smart...:-P
There was a time where all I wanted to do was play i played and played and play ...then came a time that i wanted to grow up so i grew up got rid of all i want to do is play but i forgot how ....
Okay so now is were i go and finish this so this is finished right now .........I LOVE U ALL AND HOPE EVERYONE HAS A GOOD TURNOUT IN LIFE >>>>>

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