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For a special

Okay I know I havent wroten again ..... But thats what happens when you start to work a lot....Yay!!...Anyway Please follow me here Im just going to start ranting off and it might not sound right but I hope that most of you egt the jist of my life these couple of days .........
First off I think I found my trueself this weekend ... I dont know how but its like ive shedded my old skin and became a new person ...Im realy busting my ass for hot topics because i seriously like this job and would love to become a manager in the future...Ive also cancled planns to go with josh to Ruthys ...Witch I was glad I went to cause I seen how much it ment to her for me to be there....and It made me feel good ....
I have a New friend now too...Hes super awsome(Debbie from work) his names Marc spelled M*A*R*(C) no K he will kill if you spell his name with a K... Hes very attractive...And hes determined...and thats what I like about him...Hes kewl... I enjoy being around him and talking with him because he will lissen to me and i like to lissen to him he doesnt tell me all the complaints about how his hair is messed up and how his clothing is not messed up ...Like someone I use to know....No we are not going out we are friends for now and maybe in the future more but for now I enjoy his company as a friend ... Hes cute because hes small... I can basically wear him as a book bag (lol) and... Hes a great person to watch movies with because he likes to cuddle ...Hes very funny ....The funny thing is we are like almost tottal opposites ...For ONE he works at Gap ....And hello I work at Hot Topic ....LOL wow!!! But we still have some things incommin ...Like we both did gaurd ...we both work retail... and probally more but we have to talk and find out more about each other ......
Third on the Agenda .... Sunday Yesterday ....Fonzzie , Josh, Frank, and I took Chriss and Ian out to dinner for their birthday .... It was awsome we ate at Don Pablos nice placy -spicy food.. We all had funn and imbarrised the two with having all the Hotty waiters come out and sing their birthday song for them and they had to wear a big spanish hat what ever the fuck its called ....I of course got my normal .. the spare ribs...yummy!!After Don Pablos we all went home... And Ian and fonzie left early cause they had skewl today and the rest stayed and played games ...We ended up playing Cranium witch made me feel smart cause i actually knew some of the answers...During the first game Evey ended up showing during the middle of the game so that was very kewl cause we got to play another round to make me feel smart again .....Yay Joey Smartt!!
Crainium is such a funn game its hightening my vocabulary and spelling...and at the same time its funn... we also been playing a game called whats behind the green glass doors and it make me think so I been using my noggin alot this past week...
Oh Ruthies Party was a blast it was saturday .... The only problem I had was the long ride up there ...I dint like it because of course I was in the back seat and for some reason my clostaphobia was ganging up with me with the car sickness ... So fonzie and i got into it witch i regret and I dont seriously know if i apoligised to him for snapping at him if i dint Well here it is ""FONZI IM SORRY FOR SNAPPING AT U AND TELLING U TO GO TO HELL"...well when we got to Ruthies you all know what i did of course ....Yep I headed for the strongest drink there ...It was a screw driver but it was a heavy screw driver it was a phillips screw driver we ended up hanging out a while ....and while we were there, there was this gurl who just broke up with her b/f and she said he looked just like me and the strangest thing is his name is jose .. and she showed us a pic and he looks just like me it was down to a T ... I was scared ...and that was about it for that night ...
Sunday and today I worked for Hot Topic .... I just cant Tell U all how much funn it is ... I was doing everything from cashier to write downs... its so funnn... OH IF ANY ONE WHO IS READING THIS WE HAVE A MAJOR 50% OFF THING GOING ON IN OUR CLEARANCE SECTION AND THERE IS ALOT OF NICE STUFF THERE .....EVENB IF U DONT LIKE IT FOR LIKE NORMAL WEAR U CAN MAKE A COSTUME OUT OF IT ....Ya so work was fun Today I did the stupidest thing thou today ...I shut my drawer and my shirt got stuck in i was inbarrised ...I bought these kewl socks too they go past my knee and they are blacked striped .....I cant wait till next weekend because i get to wear wings YAY!!! I can be a rteal fairy well i think thats about it now ... soo good night all i love u ..

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