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POOF! Im a Fairy

.....okay -UPDATE- ....okay heres whats been going on in my life last time this is all going to be ranting so it might not make any sence what so ever and if it doesnt i apolligies for it....
Okay First off ...Im doing real good ... with working at Hot Topics and with friends and with Marc ...
Work is going good I absolutely adore this job it is like a whole new world for me and i enjoy it ...Retail is super awsome and i work with super kewl people ...Like just the other day i think it was monday .... Debbie couldnt work so jaye came in to work for her .... I never worked with jaye so i was kinda scared because i dint know how he ran the store When i first clocked in it was like okay just work no fulling around i did alot of the rock wall and stuff like that and all of a sudden jaye is like starting little fun fights with me seeing who can queen it more of course i think i one ....I also work with people like ladi and crystal and ashley and dave and Carissa my hunny ... they are all kewl thats basically my work for now .....On sunday we all went to eastern state pen.. in philly ..
We went to eastern state for a haunted like tour...OMG...It was FUcking scary ...not just because of the people dressed up but because eastern state is the hauntedest prision in the US.... and i believe it it was like all funny feelings all that night it was like very sad scared and eary .......(OH sorry I failed to tell you who all went .....Well lets see of course it was me , then josh ,fonzie , chris,frank, nancy,josh's cousin, her friend , and ian...) so We are walking around and it at first isnt that scary ...then u go into this other house and it starts getting scaryer and in the second house they have a 3-D part .... OOOOh I loved that part that wasnt scary i actualy wanted to stay there because of this real real cute guy there ....OMG he was like maybe 5'10 and nice blonde dreds and his septum pierced and gaged about maybe a 4 .. and his tounge was done omg i just wanted to stay but they drug me out....:-( so we went threw that house okay scary but i still could walk ....Next was the third and final house we start walking in and its pitch dark and small so thats were i start to freak because of clostaphobia ...any way we walking and cant see anything and all of a sudden a trap door on the wall falls and all of a sudden there is this fucking guy all freaked out in his costume and banging a bone a genst the wall .... so fonzi and joshes cousin grab me and start to runn then there is this gurl who also i like but wouldnt go out with her because she has nasty thingy between her legs but any way this gurl was scary too she had nice dreds and she just look demented so soon as josh's cousin seen her she jumped on me i had to carry her out so im carring her out we make it out and there is that gurl again she followed both josh and his cousin out because they were freaking josh's cousin runs behind me and starts hiding and pulling me down and up agenst a fence so she couldnt get scred by that gurl was awsome ...after the haunted place we all desided to go to south street and go to cosi ...this was a funn time too...welll we are at cosi and we ask for a table that seats 9 thats when they should of known that it was going to mean trouble ....welll we are all at our table and we start orderin of course i got my usual #33 and a coke and 2 mudslides ...yum ...Ian got the fucking smores kit thingy that was fun watching them set afire all the marshmellows and that stuff ummmm frank got the same as I and chris got something veggi.and i dont know what nancy or fonzi got so ...we are all sitting and bull shitting and all of a sudden this cute guy walks by us and goes into the bathroom ....well Fonzi desides to get up and follow him ya that was funny cause cosis bathrooms are a one man room ...well thats wasnt the end of that after fonzi goes in Nancy goes right in there tooo....ya it was fun ....then im looking out the window onto the street and i see this gurl all in vinyl omg i just wanted to tair it off of here and wear it me and chris were like watching her walk by ....Then as she walked by a huge group of cute guys walked by us and all the group was like following the groupof guys with our eyes the manager of cosi was lauphing her ass off.. Or waitress was funn we played a game with her it was called guess who straight so we gave her a couple minutes to observe us and she got another waitress in on the game too ... so they start nameing of Frank-Gay/ Chris-gay/ Josh- Bi/ Fonzi- BI/ Ian - straight/ Joe-straight.....WHat ??? okay i really fooled them then i acktually played how i do act then they really knew we get done there and end up going home because it was late .....After I got home i tryed to get hold of marc to tell him all about the prision and i couldnt ....Im glad me and marc are friends and not rushing into anything....Marc is kewl... he likes to talk alot of course the past two nights i havent been able to get hold of him and last night i fainally did .....he was real buissy studdying for a test and getting his car fixed witch is going to cost him a fortune ....and he just tried out for christmas carrol I told him hes going to get tiny tim ....but he doesnt think so.....marc I truly think is a good friend if anything ... and i would never want to loss him .....well i guess thats it for now tlk to u later


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