report from the Nj spy

Well Today my sister and I have been home all day today around 10 pm my cuz is taking sis and i to naughty nicks its a pizza / pool parlor ...and of course it has ddr ..... Trying to tlk my father into takeing me to the mall so i could get a nice out fit for cuca .... My father is taking me and my sister to jackson ....Jackson is a small indian reservation in which we can gamble hopefully when i come home im rich....

I was thinking today about my life ....I realy think its not that interesting .... Ya sometimes its pritty interesting but most of the time its mostly routine.... okay maybe it isnt that routine maybe im exagerating....well guys next summer I might be going to the phillipeens ..... I dont know if I want to go that far its hard enough to take the trip to cali let alone go to the philipeens that flight is 14 hours long from jersey .....Well I miss everyone in jersy including Joe since technicaly he is in philly ....well i hav nothing to write about i would seriously like to write more and have just one topic to tlk about each day but i find my self going of into branches each on of my journal entrys ends up looking like a tree .... I was thinking for a sec what if people where blue .....I mean some of them would we still use the old say that a person seems blue ...Because to me it would seem that we are very wrong to say that a person seems blue ....... I dont know its like one of those moments right now where i have to go one a walk by myself or with josh and just sit and lissen to him or nature or even myself to make thing seem right to me .... I would do it here but my uncle and aunt gets scared when i do take a walk around the nieghborhood they dont realize that im am grown up and can take care of myself.............And i feel bad cause so much shit is going on in jersey and im not there to help anyone they are like having a huge war agenst each other i dont know the water maybe contaminated i think ......well I was talking to some of my cousin and i felt realy stupid...i realy am starting to think i am stupid or not that know i cant read as well as others and i know i cant do math fast ..... You know its kinda scary to say this stuff about me but i hear it alot and i think people are playing but it took me all this time to realize that i'm not that smart as i thought i was i dont have a highly exstensive vocabulary...I dont read at a class level that i'm suposed to be at .... and my math we all know well lets say it wont get me that far im not going to be one of those math wizzards in cologe .....LOL .... im watchin this showand they are talking about smoking pot ...... and well ill talk about it later ........
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Hey chriss i borrowed this from your journal

1. Name?: Joseph "Joey" A. Sales JR
2. Age?: 19
3. Age you wish you were?: 21 so i could get drunk off my ass leagaly
4. What grade are you going to be in?: 5th grade of fucking nothing
5. What color is your hair naturally?: Dark black almost blue its actualy has a blue tint to it when its grown out
6. What color is it now?: I bleached it its almost white i want it to be white
7. What color do you wish it was?:I wish it was snow white so white its almost transparent
8. Height?: 5'7" and a quarter
9. Best feature?: my personality
10. Worst feature?: my personality

1. Describe your bed: Its a air matress it has orange and white sheets and has a hawiian theme going on i want my room to be kinda manly but oh well for the summer the theme is hawiian and for winter its going to be zodiac

2. Describe your closet:pretty full, but organized. I hav clothing that belongs to other people and a bunch of shoes on the shelf

3. Describe your room: huuummmmmm......well my room is kinda slanted its pritty bigg it has three windows its white has a good size closet my color shceeme is babby blue white orange..
4. Describe your clothing style: hmmmmm........... well ummmm lets just say its artistic
5. Describe your body: well its nothing to brag about
6. What are your favorite color(s)?:Im gay .....duuuuuuu!!!!
7. What are your favorite color combonations?:Look at answer for number 6
8. Favorite types of music: If its on a cd throw it out bring back old skewl and turn it up
9. Favorite types of food: Its food do i care??????
10. Describe your environment/surroundings: Keep it GAY , KEEP IT GAY , KEEP IT GAY !!!!!
1. When was the last time you did the dishes?: 5 minutes ago !
2. Do you prefer taking baths or showers?:showers baths are so dirty
3. Do you prefer sandals, thongs, or regular shoes?: SNEAKERS AND SOCKS ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!! DADA are #!
4. Favorite type of makeup?: GLITTER GLITTER GLITTER did i forget to tell you that im a fairy

5. Do you like Blues Clues?:only for the new guy
6. Ankle socks or regular socks?: ancle
7. Fitted or baggy pants?:Both pitted have to be real tight and baggy have to be able to fit 4 other people including me
8. Cell phone or regular phone?: they are both phones duuuuuu i want them both
9. What color is your toothbrush?: I have two one is orange and white and one is clear and blue
10. How's the weather?: Its cali its wonderfull not too hot not tooo cold just perfect



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Hey guys im always the ass of the joke >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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Okay day three of cali ....

Well peeps Im at home now and bord Well anyway today my grandparents are coming over tonight and they are staying over night oh joy!!!!! Anyway I miss all my friends and I miss Joe...Well I was just thinking about our little group of friends and Im glad I hav you guys .... You all are a major part of my life and just like fonzi im going to list you and everybody ......
So get comfy cause this will be a while .....:-)

The Major Leages:

Joe- The Entertainer...Joe is my flame he is always there for me to comfort me to tlk to me ...Joe is a very funny person... joe is my all....joe is why i cant wait to go back to jersey.....I love u joe .... joe is the madonna of the group they both have the gap

Josh- My mentor... Josh is one of those peeps that are in your life for a important reason...Josh was brought into my life for reason and i believe that reason is to form me into a better person....josh is basically my jimminy crickets and im pinocio...Josh is the gayda of the group...

Fonzi- Is my .....I dont know fonzi does alot he helps me and he puts is all into helping me acomplish my goals with out him I wouldnt of met josh nor joe...fonzi is like my i dont know the maker of my destiney ....In that I mean everytime me and Fonzi realy do something my life changes derasticly....ex.1: I was living at here there and the other .... oneday Fonzi takes me to a party with him and I meet Josh . Me and josh become friends and now look at us we are livintg together .....EX.2 Fonzi again takes me out to a Club . Im dancing around and all of a sudden out of no where theres joe joe likes me i like him wa la we are together for a month now .....Fonzi is th devious diva of the group

Chris- Chris is like a brother to me .... He is there for me ...we just got along off the back.....chriss is the jaded queen of the group .....There isnt much to say about chriss except thanx for being my friend....

Dustin- well like I said befor dustin well is dustin.... hes the kewlest guy u could know like alfonso said in his journal (Fonzisworld) dustin is the fitness guru he is always i dont want to say worried but concerned about his heath and fitness and trying to improve on his body build ...

Frank- Well frank hes kinda interesting..... you would swear hes from like New york or something but he was born and raised in Vineland NJ...Frank is like our Fashion critic and like i said befor he lives by the saying if it looks like shit it is shit no matter what it looks like or how much it cost

Ian- well ian i would say is my little aprentice since after all i am the Dancing/gypsie diva(queen) Ian has just reasontly apeared in our group of friends he kewl to hang out with and talk to he isnt no normal guy he has like that mistery to him he doesnt like show how whe really feels or what he realy thinks is kinda of a enigma ....but st ill Ian is the best guy to play brain games with cause if i dint have him i would of broke the computer by now thanx ian

CuCa- Cuca is the D street diva... she is the youngest lookin ....well you dont need to know her age ...I kinda feel like shes a sister to me and ... shes halarious she just brightens any day up ......

well I know there are mnore people that i should right about but im kinda tyerd and plus my dad is cookin some bar b Q and im hungry and uummmmmmmmm my aunt made pansit yesterday ohhh my good ness i wass in love .... oh yesterday i felt like i was going to get strucken down just dont know i stept into a church yesterday for wedding ....and all the hairs on thge back of my neck just stood up .....i thought i would have to go to confeshion boy that would take for ever ...........(me in confeshion) Father for i hav sinned . Father says his line and i start>>>>>>>>>>1yr later >>>>>>>>and then i found out i was gay >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>2 yrs later >>>>>>>>>>and my room mate is toooo >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>3 yrs later >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>and so are my friends>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>and so on ........ well guys i got to go c u all in a week and so many days .........
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welcome to cali

well everybody im in cali its all right a little boring i miss my friends majorly....well today i woke up at 11 it was like what the heck im up at 11 .... oh well today my cuz chrisangle took me and my sister to golf land after a weding we went to it was all right who ever played the piano was very .....lets say "artistic" ....anyway we went to golf land and of course i played the best game ever ........DDR all the way haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! well i also talked to joe but i dint talk to him long i feel bad because i wanted to tlk to him a little longer than what i did dad and my sister and i are getting along really good i am so happy ....... on friday the family and i and my sister are going to jacksonville to the casino ....ugggggg ....i think i a,m acktualy home sick i dont know why besides that i hav not really many friends here......the flight to cali was quite interesting it was very bumpy .....welll ... guys i dont hav much to tlk about anymore i guess i will tlk to u all later love you guys JOE,josh fonzi chris dustin ian and who ever i missed bye ...
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My Life As Joe ( WARNING: this may cause drowsiness, please dont operate heavy machinery)

Okay my friends I want to try to descibe my self...I know this may seem kinda boring , but I thought it might help people understand me and my train of thoughts... I find my self a child of the future, not that I believe in higher life forms or that I will be driving a car that will be able to fly, but I just imagaine my life in the future.In this I mean will I be the same person I am today or will I be the total opposite of what I am now....I also see my self as a leader,yes this may seem quite odd but I do...I believe that everybody is a leader in one-way or another... It maynot be a huge thing to lead a person like Mosses leading the jews to safety or washington leading the U.S Army across the Delaware River to fight the Red coats,it could be the smallest thing that you dont recognize like saying please and thank you...Yes I said that manorisium is a way to lead a person...If you said please and thank you to one person you were lead to do that you picked it up from your leader who most likely your parents ...To me a leader is also a teacher ... You follow this teacher everywhere and watch and learn....I see myself as a leader because I try to help people in walking there path and helping them with their struggles.In saying that everyone is a leader I bring around that everyone is a follower at the same time.......okay enough of that because half of you are probally already asleep.

Back to me!!!Okay I have had Nineteen years of life and exspierience under my wings...My exspieriences might not be big, but to me they are important... They are what made me what I am today ...From living my life without a father to the day my mom died ... They all left a whole or dent in my life ...Along with dents have came the building of my structure...The things that have helped me with the construction of my structure would be my friends and family....Since the age of Sixteen I have been building my structure from my friends...Its like im a rouge. I take alittle piece of everybody and construct it to be part of me.......Well I got to go but i will be writing more on this but oh well tell me what u think
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Great things last for short times........

Well tonight at Fonzis cast party..I just found ut that when i return from California I will be "TERMINATED" from my job ...Yes I am alittle upset ...FUCK THAT !!! I'm alot upset...I put my all into that job and enjoyed it. I t was the greatest thing I have ever done .... Oh well it lasted a short time and was a great exspierence... Well looks like I have to find another job ... I wish life wasn't as hard as it seems ...I'm greatful that i did have this moment in my life.... And I'm very thankful for the people that are in my life ... Josh is a great person to have around he is a great mentor and I am just so happy he is here to help me threw these moments...I am just sad that I wont hav a job to help him I dont want him to be the only one to pay rent or anything else .... Joe I love him ...He's my world ...I dont know what I woulddo if i ever lost him...Fonzi is my lookng glass to reality he tells me what he sees and how the consiquence are real...I dont know im just mad that I have this well semi great path and I screwed it ver I took advantage of it ...You know Im glad tat my riend tld me that this was going to happ before I left for Califoria because it gives me t5ime to find a job while I am here ... If it comes to it I hate t say it but I can always go back to California .... I hate the thought of it because my friends my here and I wouldnt be able to leave them ......
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neverending time .....well lets see i slept till 2:30 yay!!!!!!!!!!!! when i got out of my room my room mate josh and my friend fonzi was here just chillin of course josh was cleaning .....welll .... right now we are having a huge gay moment josh is missing his cake pans and thinks alfy "fonzi" took them well last night i went and seen part two of state fair it was good ian was so funny on stage and acts very good ...of course we could of done with out harry but oh well..... i went to state fair with joe (my b/f) AND JOSH THEN FONZI SHOWED UP TO CETCH PART 2 A LITTLE LATER ....of course the night before we lest in stile during part 2 ... we had to be the bitches that we are of course i started it ...ummm i got to go see u later.... thanx everyone for knowing im well tonight is cast party night for fonzis play .....wooooo hooooo 4 peeps .....well in all honesty i think fonzi has done a x celent job with the play .... welll ...i dont know what to write about i haqve a blockage of my train of thought it doesnt come out .....well here i go again i leave this saturday for cali.... yay go see my cuzins and and my dad .... My sister is going too....Im tlkin to kit right now as i write in my journal , and hes makes me feel bad that hes a tottal fuck up i would love to see him get some where . we use 2 be good friends i would even say best friends and he tottaly fucked up ... he ended a good friend ship to smoke out and do druggs ...and he like totlly dropped me and his other friends ... he makes me sick because he has a briliant mind and wont use it right ...hes just a total fuck up and i cant help him any more ........ well thats all i hav to write about
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Well, last night i went out clubbing..... that was tons of fun .... i did of course miss joe (my boy friend)....ill try not to say much about him , because its kinda eiry to have someone write about you in their journal.... trust me i know ...... i had a boy friend once who did that everyone new everything that we did or didnt do ..... i just did not enjoy in respect i wont write much about him ....well any way back to the club .... we went to outerlimits in west deptford ... when i say we im talking about my good friends FONZI,CHRIS,DUSTIN,and FRANK.....each of these peeps have a huge part in my life for what i will never

Here is a quick description on these peeps

Fonzi: misgevious diva .... can con a person out of information with out them reliezing it ......

Chriss: jaded queen.... really nice intill u fuck with him or his man , if u do i sugest u watch out ....

Dustin: well dustins dustin there its too much to be said here

and last but not least Frank: Fashion and intearreour critict (aka queen all round) watch out hes quit blunt about shit and he doesnt care who u are and home much it cost if it looks like shit it is shit .....

There are more peeps out there in my world but i will only get to them when i mention them ... any way again, back to the club ....we where hanging having a good time at the clubb i being the dancing queen and the gypsi queen was having the time of my life .... i was wearing my yellow security t shirt witch the told me (they being the club employees) told me to take it off ....well i wasnt going to argue witrh that so i did ....i ended up dancing by my self cause joe wasnt there but oh well.... i ended up dancing alone and having a good time there where quite a bunch of cute guys there tooo....yes they were totaly hot .....boy they lucky i have a man we met some nice good looking guys there too .... one was from atco nj his name was dan ... he was one of those guys that u would find all quite and in one of those guys that sits in the corner with nothing to say but u dsm right know he has plenty on his mind .....then there was ...geese i forgot his name ....oh well we will call him lutenit because he was wearing the cute army tank top ... he was cute and totaly queen ....and then u had ed .... there is nothing to say about ed x cept hes smart and pinoy and that was basically my night last night
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